$6,200 From a Single Win: How a Red-Eye Dash To The Traders Summit Paid Off For This Texas Nurse

Kevin Switzer

Registered Nurse

Maybe you want to get really rich or just make a slight improvement in your financial position.

Unless you discover a previously unsuspected “golden ticket” talent or find a way to manipulate the odds in Las Vegas, the only way to do it is to acquire a financially-valuable skill.

And for people approaching retirement after years of working in demanding and stressful jobs, doing that may seem like a daunting proposition.

But it doesn't need to be.

The good news is you don’t have to go back to college and spend tens of thousands of dollars to get a college diploma that may not be worth the paper it’s printed on.

Nowadays, you can get a world-class stock trading education for a mere fraction of what it costs to get a degree.

Even better, you can start making profits from the markets in a matter of weeks rather than years.

All that’s required is the right attitude and the right mentor.

As Registered Nurse and new trader Kevin Switzer sums it up, “I knew that if my wife and I wanted to retire, the way to do it in a timely fashion was not going to be going back to school at our ages which were 55 and 58, at the time. I also knew from my nursing background that I love to learn things that are visual and technical."

"That’s when stocks and trading became my target area to learn,” he recalls.

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Like so many people approaching the end of their first careers, RN, Kevin Switzer, of Rockwall, Texas, became interested in trading when he realized that his retirement income was not going to provide him and his wife with the life they had looked forward to for so long. He had always been attracted to visual and technical subjects. Still, being in his mid-fifties, he knew that going back to college for more qualifications was not a feasible solution. Learning to trade stocks and options was such an obvious answer that Kevin is now inclined to beat himself up for not getting started sooner. Nevertheless, despite some early setbacks, he has now enjoyed some encouraging wins and looks forward with confidence to a brighter financial future.


Rockwall, Texas


Registered Nurse

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How Catching a Last-Minute Flight Changed Kevin's Life

A love of technical subjects and a fascination with visual patterns are certainly considerable advantages when it comes to learning to trade.

So much so in fact that Kevin has often lamented that he didn't become aware of the tremendous opportunity the markets offer at an earlier stage in his career.

But that doesn’t mean it’s all been plain sailing, far from it.

Kevin was so determined to get started in the markets that he used some precious time off from work to take a red-eye flight to the RagingBull Traders Summit in Orlando.

And he was happy he did. When he got back home to Texas, he had some great ideas about how to accelerate his progress through the learning curve.

"I asked myself, what can I do that would let me earn as much per year as I'm earning the day I retire? The answer was stock and options trading."

Kevin Switzer

Registered Nurse

Why Playing “Follow The Leader” Doesn’t Always Work

Although Kevin enjoyed some early successes, as many beginners do, a run of losses made him realize that he was “following more than learning.”

It’s a common experience. And one that goes to the very heart of how any skill is truly learned and mastered.

Golfers, for example, are notorious for devouring instructional books and videos in industrial quantities. But as useful as this can be, it’s no good unless they’re prepared to invest a similar amount of time on the course and driving range.

Likewise, no matter how much theoretical knowledge you may acquire, no matter how high you might score on a written test on candlestick patterns or risk management protocols, the only real way to learn to trade is by trading.

Live Practice in Real-Time: The Best Way To Learn

That’s why all good teachers, Jeff Williams, included, insist on the importance of paper trading on practice accounts.

And the beauty of virtual trading, of course, is it allows you to get used to making rapid decisions in real-time without risking any real money.

Devoting enough time to putting in the repetitions, as athletes say, and the recognition of patterns and placing of entries and exits quickly becomes second nature, removing much of the emotional stress that’s the real reason, so many new traders fail.

“I learned how to dig deeper and do the work needed to really learn the right way,” is how Kevin puts it, “had I paper traded, I would not have needed to rebuild my seed money. And I could have saved myself a lot of stress!”

“I was lucky enough to get time off at the last minute and took a red-eye flight to the Traders Summit in Orlando, where I got some great ideas about how to accelerate my progress.”

Kevin Switzer

Registered Nurse

Racking Up a $6,200 Win On a Single Trade

Paper trading is indeed vital for beginners starting with limited capital. Still, even the most successful and experienced traders would never think about risking real money on a new strategy or indicator without first thoroughly testing it in a virtual account.

This new, professional approach to the markets is paying real dividends for Kevin, leading directly to several profitable trades, the most notable being a $6,200 win on VAL [Valaris plc], a technically-challenging swing trade placed at the close on a Friday.

“My most recent winner was a Weekend Wiretap of VAL. I cashed out this morning for about $6,200 after placing the trade on Friday at the close of the day.”

Kevin Switzer

Registered Nurse

Hard Work And Practice Build The Confidence To Conquer Fear

Sure, a $6,200 win is a great result. But much more important in the long run will be the confidence that Kevin’s new approach to learning and practice has brought him.

“I have now gained a lot of knowledge that has replaced my fear and hesitancy,” he says, “I feel that even if/when I make a mistake, I recover quicker than ever and now have the ability to restart from almost nothing and can rebuild quickly. That tells me the hard work and effort, along with the systems I’m using, are indeed working!”

Not too long ago, Kevin’s goal of retiring early with enough consistent trading income to replace both his own and his wife’s regular salary seemed like a mere pipe dream.

But now, with his new approach and renewed confidence, it won’t take long for his dream to become a reality.

Kevin Switzer

Registered Nurse

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